December 5

Students Understand More Than We Think…

Today I ask each class, “Why would I have you copy your vocabulary terms in your composition book rather than give you a handout?”  Below are some of their responses.

“It’s (note taking) a form of studying”

“Having it (terms and definitions) sort of sink in in the middle of writing it.”

“So you can see it (terms and definitions) in your own head.”

“When you write something down it is harder to forget.”

“Whenever you are writing it down it has to go through your eyes, then head, then back out your hand.”

 “Less chance of you losing it (terms and definitions).”

”Writing it (terms and definitions) down can helps you remember it better.”

“So everyone has to look at it (terms and definitions) at least once.”

“To get practice taking notes.”

Learning how you learn….that is what it is all about!

This is one proud teacher!

December 2

Weekly update

Thanks to all you complete my survey.  I will share some of the thoughts and ideas with you all next week.

Today we took the Europe Divided Test and will be starting the Modern Europe Unit on Monday.


November 22

Weekly Update

Unit of Study –  EUROPE DIVIDED

Quiz:  Friday December 2nd

Parents, I send out emails periodically about student progress.  If you are not receiving these please contact the school and give them a current email address.  Thanks.


November 1

Archiving old to make way for the new

We archived pages from Europe Geographic Influence Notebook, kept some pages for new notebook and are filing some pages at home.

You will need these pages for the following:

  • Your 6th grade portfolio
  • And to Prove you completed assignments if necessary
  • Will be used to complete later assignments

New Unit – Europe Historical Influence

New Table of contents




October 21

Weekend Review

Make sure your notebook is organized.  Here is the current Table of Contents to help youscreenshot-37.

Be sure to finish you essays.  Information in the form of slide shows with links to videos can be found on the Europe Geography Page.

October 17

Regroup after Matthew

I hope all of you are finding your way back to normal after our visit from Matthew.  Today in Social Studies we spent time catching up on our table of contents, organizing and becoming reacquainted with the vocabulary and maps of Europe.

Kudos to all of those students who  kept up their studies and completed assignments as necessary!!!!



Just wanted to let you know that I sent home print outs with all students.  They are supposed to share them with you.  The only ones that need to be signed AND RETURNED are those whose averages are below 70.