September 16

In the Middle

We are in between units right this minute, trying to tie up loose ends and complete some activities.  Since we have already archived our Geobasics binder, we are starting our first Europe Unit binder with some of those activities.


September 13

Quizzes go home today…

Most of the test questions were written by Downtown and are designed to correlate with the GMAS.  The test  are in multiple choice format and are more difficult than usual because require critical thinking.  We do practice this in class and dissect every test question during the reflection to help the students decipher how to reach the best answer and why the incorrect answers are incorrect.  Many 6th grade students have difficulty with these types of questions because they are complex in nature and they have not had much experience with them.

In my experience students will be better able to address these kinds of questions as the year goes on by learning from mistakes made.  Mistakes teach us, through analysis and feedback, about what works, and what doesn’t.

Please take a look at their reflections.  This process will help the students (as well as parents and teachers) better understand their strategies to make improvements as necessary.

Test scores below 80 must be signed by parent.

August 26

Weekend Homework

There is rarely any homework on the weekends, however, if you have any assignments that you did not complete during the week, this is the perfect time to complete them. It is also a great time to make sure your notebook (binder) and composition books are up-to-date, COMPLETED and organized. Below you will find the current table of contents for this unit. I will be updated every Friday.

Screenshot (4)

August 23


Please look at the yellow sticky to the right…..

This is where the unit links will be.  Right now we are on the 1st Unit, Geo Basics….check out the resources available.

August 15


World Cultures and Geography textbooks were sent home last Friday.  Please find a safe and accessible place to keep them at home.  Students do not have to bring these text books back to school until the end of the year.  We have a class set that they use while we are in the classroom.

August 9

WELCOME to Crumbley’s Corner!

I know it may take a while to learn the layout of my website, but I hope you will find it helpful.

The weekly posts will be composed of information that pertains to the social studies classroom.  It will include quiz/test dates and basic explanation of what is going on each week in class.  Assignments are not listed because each class moves at its own pace and assignments are modified to meet the needs of the students.

There is a page designed for each unit. These pages will include links to the various assignments,  vocabulary flashcards, video links, and slide shows.

A page that includes links that I think you will find helpful is also included for enrichment and/or remediation when necessary.

Browse the site……enjoy!