April 28

Weekly Review

Current Unit:  Australia

Map Quiz was given,  graded, and returned.  It should be in student’s binder and the grade recorded on the table of contents.

Plan for next week

Monday – Australia History

Tuesday – Australia Government

Wednesday – Field Day

Thursday – Review – Collecting Textbooks

Friday – Australia Concept Quiz



February 24

Informing Friday

All scores have been updated in Power school.  Assignments with a score of “0” can still be turned in until Next Friday, March 3rd.  Assignments with a score of “5” were never turned in and it is too late to do so.  we still have 3 weeks till the end of the marking period.  If you do not like your  grade average, be responsible and complete assignments and study for quizzes. If you like your grade average, keep up the good work, it is not over yet, you don’t want to slip now.

February 13

New Unit

We are beginning our Latin America Unit today so remember to look for the new Latin America Page on the menu to the right.

Standard Homework Assignment:

  • Review Vocabulary with games flashcards etc
  • Organize NB/CB and update Table of Contents

Latin America Geography

  • Map Quiz 2/22

  • Vocabulary Quiz 2/28

  • Concept Quiz 3/3


European Impact and Change

Latin America Today



February 8

The students worked very hard on creating a jeopardy game for them to use to study for the Canada Concept test tomorrow.  Beware there are issues like the questions are not always linked to the correct topic, but time did not allow for much editing.  I will do some clean up on it later, but I was so proud of their hard work, I had to share.


January 5


To start off the new year, we Archived a portion of the Europe Binder.  The directions are here:  Europe Archive

We also started a new unit and table of contents.  Table of Contents is updated daily as we preview our agenda for the class.  A hard copy always hangs in the front of the room and it is also posted on this site every Thursday or Friday.


December 13

Europe Archive

Friday after the text will collecting a sampling of the Europe Binder from to archive in the classroom.  It will go much smother if binders are up to date and in order.

Students will need to keep the remaining pages in a safe place at home for the following reasons:

  • Study for SLOs (replacing GMAS)
  • Your 6th grade portfolio
  • And to Prove you completed assignments if necessary
  • Will be used to complete later assignments

Rather that wait till Friday to update the TOC….here it is now, just in case it is needed


December 5

Students Understand More Than We Think…

Today I ask each class, “Why would I have you copy your vocabulary terms in your composition book rather than give you a handout?”  Below are some of their responses.

“It’s (note taking) a form of studying”

“Having it (terms and definitions) sort of sink in in the middle of writing it.”

“So you can see it (terms and definitions) in your own head.”

“When you write something down it is harder to forget.”

“Whenever you are writing it down it has to go through your eyes, then head, then back out your hand.”

 “Less chance of you losing it (terms and definitions).”

”Writing it (terms and definitions) down can helps you remember it better.”

“So everyone has to look at it (terms and definitions) at least once.”

“To get practice taking notes.”

Learning how you learn….that is what it is all about!

This is one proud teacher!

December 2

Weekly update

Thanks to all you complete my survey.  I will share some of the thoughts and ideas with you all next week.

Today we took the Europe Divided Test and will be starting the Modern Europe Unit on Monday.